Now I am stuck, and do not know what to do! I have been attempting to be primal , lose weight, feel great. well, after 11mos. I have not got fat adapted at all. I love not eating grains,pastas carbs. feel great, but my body fat has increased, and now after my 11 month, had to get a stent for one my my arteries.
Now, I am at a loss as to what to do. did i fail? did the primal way fail me? when i say i feel great, i mean it! I am never hungry after my frittta breakfast,love my steamed veggies with my dinner, big ass salads,etc. but my cholesterol numbers are high,etc. the dye and catheter showed almost 100% blockage.

How do i justify this way of eating when after 11 mos. , I do not have that weight loss success look? and now I am on the statins and the plavix to keep the clots away. how do i prove to my doctors, and my own body for that matter , that i am eating ok? my family , who were starting to get on board,are now questioning my rationale

I have nothing to show for it. I actually gained weight, and it is not that much muscle. Tomorrow is my first follow up with the cardiologist who put the stent in, I am sure i will be given the old low fat ,low carb blah,blah blah,diet. but I don't know what to do? i do not want to eat carbs again, but the fat has seemed to turn on me! anyone else been here? , how did you cope / solve this dilemma. he said i was very lucky.