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Also find foods that claim to reduce arterial plaque. There is a poster on here whose husband reversed his arterial plaque buildup with Primal Blueprint. That's right, scan was positive for plaque and something like two years later, negative. Avocados are said to aid in healing arterial lining, as are antioxidants like green tea, underripe apples, things that are bitter or sour in general. I know it's not much to go on, but start googling around about foods that reverse atherosclerosis. It's what I've hedged my bets on.

I was raised on fake pizza, Jack in the Box, cookies, macaroni and cheese, soda, and boxes of wheat shapes. I have a LOT of healing to do. My cholesterol is up, but it's my HDL, so I'm happy.
that will be the key for sure. will try to stack the deck in my favor, and hope that the real enemy was my previous lifestyle and not all this "evil" fat i am eating. it wlil be a true leap of faith .

the difficult part will be finding medical people that are willing to help with this. i live in S. Florida. the few practitioners that advertise this, are also not participating in many insurance coverages, so are very expensive, all out of pocket. they have all opted out of most medicare plans. will take it step by step.