I just completed my first 2 full weeks of being primal. I would say that I'm probably 95% too. I was really pumped last weekend when my daughter had some friends over on Labor Day and there were cookies, cake, chips and alot of other carb infested foods laying around everywhere. I was 100% good, had no problem through any of it. I've been doing primal exercises that Mark shows in the book, probably 4 times each week. I stepped on the scales this morning and I had only dropped 2 lbs in those two weeks...I was really expecting more. I need to drop about 50 lbs, I realize that this isn't supposed to be an instantaneous thing, but I guess I was just thinking that I would lose more a little faster than this, especially because I was being so fanatical about being primal. Anyone else realize these slow startups? Is this normal?