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Thread: Two weeks in and I'm a little bummed.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    A lot of people lose slowly. I think the premise is that this is a lifestyle, hence you don't do the extreme dieting that leads to fast weight loss (plus for most people, a return to eating crappily and a return of the pounds lost). It isn't healthy to lose weight quickly, and it seldom looks good- the deflated jelly fish....

    It's a lifestyle change and you learn how to eat in a new way, that satisfies you after you are slim too.

    Keep at it, don't be too concerned with the scale, pay attention to clothes fit etc. instead.
    Haha deflated jellyfish I like that mag. Like everyone says don't be too concern with the scale. I know we are human and you want to see results fast the by product of crash diet mentality. Weigh yourself like once a month but pay attention to how your clothes fit and what not. I know my scale weight has gone down some but not like I thought however my clothes are fitting loser and ppl are commenting on my shrinkage lately (no pun intended haha). So it works but on PB you'll have to learn different ways of evaluating success. Good luck.
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    All on a 6ft. 1/2 inch frame.

    I can't wait to meet my abs for the first time in my life. We gotta lot of catching up to do.

    I love this way of eating and hope to be able to help others.

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    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I have no intentions of turning back, this just seems so easy for me I can't imagine that it could actually work, but as Mark's book says, I'm shooting for "effortless weight loss".
    I do feel better already. I'm still learning on some of the foods, especially some of the fruit, I may be eating too much of it. I was eating alot of grapes, but have scaled back on those. I eat a few apples and banana's each week, some kiwi and strawberries. So maybe I should scale back on the fruit more. I was eating too many nuts too, simply because they are good and I felt that they were primal.
    I'm excited to see where this all leads in 2 or 3 months.
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    Ugh I feel ya. I have been at it for 6+ weeks and only lost two pounds. And to be honest they still occasionally show up and disappear so they may not be really gone. Be generally I feel better and I has having some stomach issues that have nearly disappeared. So i will continue. I also dont exercise much. I need to start but between the kids/work.. I know nobody wants to hear my excuses. Good luck.

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    Definitely keep it up, the weight will start to go...

    Like just about everyone, it'll fluctuate based on so many variables! I'm 5 months in and I've been hovering at a loss of about 30lbs for several weeks. I try not to worry about it, mostly because I have significantly increased my activity level.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffybear View Post
    I just completed my first 2 full weeks of being primal. I would say that I'm probably 95% too. I was really pumped last weekend when my daughter had some friends over on Labor Day and there were cookies, cake, chips and alot of other carb infested foods laying around everywhere. I was 100% good, had no problem through any of it. I've been doing primal exercises that Mark shows in the book, probably 4 times each week. I stepped on the scales this morning and I had only dropped 2 lbs in those two weeks...I was really expecting more. I need to drop about 50 lbs, I realize that this isn't supposed to be an instantaneous thing, but I guess I was just thinking that I would lose more a little faster than this, especially because I was being so fanatical about being primal. Anyone else realize these slow startups? Is this normal?
    It will soon be obvious to you that PB isn't only about the weight. I *gained* 2 lbs in the beginning.

    Stick with it! After you adjust to the new way of eating you can actually pay attention to the portions and the content. Not all PB food will be the same and not all PB followers seem to respond the same. I needed more animal fat. That was a tough mindset to adopt since conventional wisdom tells you otherwise about fat/meat and weight loss/health.

    Two pounds lost is two pounds lost. Fast weight loss tends not to be permanent weight loss, either.

    Good for you for taking the plunge. I wish you continued success!

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    "In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties."
    Henri Frederic Amiel

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    Tomorrow I'm going to post a snapshot showing the chart of my weight loss. Lots of flat weeks, and weeks showing gained weight. It's plausible for you to show similar results. A pound a week is pretty average for me, especially lately. Don't be discouraged! We're all getting there!
    48, 5'11" - SW 301 (01/08/12) - CW 217.5 (5/14/13) - GW 185 +2.6% this week. -27.7% total. -83.5 lbs. (so far!)

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    I started slow and have hit road bumps along the way, but I truly believe if it comes off slowly, it stays off. You have to think long term! I have more than 50lbs to lose still and I have already lost more than 20. I do understand the impatience... really, I do. This is definitely the right way to eat though and it will work (for weight loss and so much more) if you stick it out!

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    Can you give us an idea of your average day looks like (food and drink wise)?

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