I have been pretty liberal with my consumption of sweet potatoes since going primal. I have kids, they love them and they need the carbs. I prepare them several times a week for dinner and eat them probably 5/7 days a week. They have not impacted my ability to drop weight or ever made me crash. So last week were visiting my husband's aunt and she made a brisket cooked with white potatoes. Man they were delish all drenched in beef drippings. It got me wondering if we could incorporate them back into our diet occasionally. This week I decided to try allowing some form of white potato into my mouth for a few days, but still kept my carbs at around 100g a day,which is where I naturally fall when I eat Primal on a typical day. SO I had potato chips fried in Avocado oil one day (best potato chips ever!), regular homemade french fries the next, and last night due this cruddy cold I just wanted something bland so I had a chicken leg and mashed potatoes. 3 days. . . 3lb weight gain! This is the time of the month I typically drop a pound or 2. So goodbye white potatoes, you are so not worth it!

Sweet potatoes really are magical!