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Thread: My white potato n=1

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    Carb phobic or not, I am finding that these type of experiences are handy pieces of information to have. I havent had potatoes for awhile either, since I am in weight loss mode and watching carbs & calories, but when I want some it would be nice to know it's affect on me, even if only temporary and where it shows up. If it is like a pudgy belly or pudgy face, I wouldn't want to have them before a special event, especially if I am trying to fit into a certain dress or something.

    But that is not to say I wouldnt ever have them, I just have to keep in mind what might happen. Perhaps only one day of it might not have been so bad? That might be another experiment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    It annoys me that sweet potatoes are so beloved by The Primal Blueprint but white potatoes are often shunned for some reason. Mark Sisson is always recommending sweet potatoes for a great carb source but I've never heard him recommend white potatoes. Why? .
    It might be because white potatoes are nightshades which can be inflammatory for some people. Since the primal blueprint is meant to be an anti-inflammatory Mark may not recommend them to avoid the problem that they may cause in some people.

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    I think you all who mentioned nightshades might be on to something. I have noticed I naturally started avoiding tomatoes for some reason and last weekend I had some and ended up with a horrible heartburn. I wonder if I have an issue with them? Maybe my next n=1. Hmmm....

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    i truly dislike sweet potatoes. yukyukyuk. a starchy food that's sweet? yuk.

    i had 1/4 of a local white potato yesterday and did not die.

    am not bloated and scale did not go up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by primalswan View Post
    Isn't that the point of an n=1? Sorry I touched a nerve . . .
    It's good you posted this. It happened to you and you are relaying it to us--that's an N=1.

    I remember when I was about 3 months into PB. I had a setback one weekend and ate fried eggrolls, piles of rice, cake, M&Ms, Doritoes, etc... I gained 12lbs from those 2 or 3 days of unrestricted eating. No way it was the calories, just the inflammatory response to something that was eaten. It took me nearly a month to get back to where I was before this mega-cheat.

    I think the more body fat you carry, the more inflammation can occur. At that point, I was at about 35%BF, now I'm at about 15% and my weight rarely fluctuates more than 2-3lbs no matter how much or little I eat. I have been eating lots of white potatoes recently because I grow my own and they are being harvested. Hasn't caused any weight gain.

    N=1 is a very important tool for this community. It's just when someone tries to apply it to the entire population that it is wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NDF View Post
    It might be because white potatoes are nightshades which can be inflammatory for some people. Since the primal blueprint is meant to be an anti-inflammatory Mark may not recommend them to avoid the problem that they may cause in some people.
    Yea but he touts tomatoes and peppers as okay. He loves eggs possibly as much or even more than meat, and egg allergies are somewhat common. Hell, we don't even have to get into nuts. Mark is nuts about nuts, and they're far more common allergens than nightshades. I honestly think most people don't know that white potatoes are nutritionally equal to sweet potatoes. I didn't know it for the longest time, and I'm willing to bet Mark is unaware, too. I think it's the GI and perceived "white food = low nutrition" mindset.
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    I honestly doubt it was the potatoes, carbs, or cooking oil. My guess that you're inflammed because you're sick. Your body is obviously mounting some sort of immune defense against a bug. I was sick a few weeks ago and held onto 3-4 extra lbs for the week, but they came off once I got over it.

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