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Thread: Raw Milk Vending Machine and other oddities abroad

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    Raw Milk Vending Machine and other oddities abroad

    Part of the year I live in a small town in northern Italy that happens to have a RAW milk vending machine, supplied by the town's organic, biodynamic dairy farm.

    There is no 24 hour culture here - supermarkets close in the evening, almost all stores are closed on Sundays, restaurants open for only a few critical hours around lunch and dinnertime, and pizzerias ONLY open for dinner, so lunchtime pizza is unheard of here.

    However, here in our little town, you can always count on the raw milk vending machine when you just have to get some raw milk, yogurt, or mozzarella for a poorly planned late-night dinner!

    What awesome, awful, or unique food-related things have you gotten to experience abroad?
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