Does it make me crazy if I have revenge on a dress?

Last May my mom and sister and I went shopping and I saw a dress at JCPenney's that I fell in love with. It was so pretty on the dummy! I tried it on (size 14 or 16 I think) and... definitely not the same. It made me cry because I felt so unattractive and fat and unhappy with my body. I had already decided to start PB in June but that was a real kick in the rear!

Today I went to JCP and on the clearance rack, I saw exactly one of that same dress. The only size they had was 6, which is not what I'm wearing right now (more like 10-12), but I decided to try it on just to prove to that stupid dress that I can look good in it, dangit. It was a personal vendetta at this point. Well I tried it on and not only did it look much better but I actually decided to purchase it for my honeymoon in FL in February! I am so thrilled that a dress that formerly made me cry because it looked so horrible is now just as pretty and romantic as I wanted it to be. Even better? It was $45 and I got it for $8


Somehow this success was more meaningful to me than the 20 lbs I've lost.