So I found this guy on craigslist and it sounds pretty good. I might try it.
***************** Beef .... LAMB .... Beef .... BEEF .... Lamb *******

I was thinking of splitting the 1/2 cow between a few people; I'm a single lady without a freezer! (have access to friends/school but not my own yet). PM me if you're interested, or if you know anything about this guy? His name is Tarek Ayoub, he does it Halal to boot, though no other info I can find on the farm. Grass fed although I'm not sure if he's certified organic (mentions organic in ads/email but am working on getting this straight). $699 for 1/2 a cow (around 325lbs), they include organs, bones, trimmings, etc. Probably going to do this next weekend if I can scare up enough people on this.

He has lamb and goat too.

Thanks and mods please remove if this is not appropriate to post! I just thought it's potentially such an amazing deal.