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Thread: What to eat the day of a crossfit competition?

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    What to eat the day of a crossfit competition?

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    My first crossfit competition is next Saturday. It will be 3 team WODs. I'm a diligent primal eater and fat-burner. Would love some suggestions. Btw,I'm female, with avg calorie needs on a normal day.

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    Up your carbs- rice and sweet potatoes and fruit.
    Lots of electrolytes- coconut water, and something for sodium too.

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    if your a fat burner carbs will be the last thing you want for performance. eat a high fat meal, something like bacon and eggs

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    Considering those comps usually end up being about reps you could get an extra boost with supplementing creatine and loading up from now til your competition. I've done this before for muay thai fights/sparring and I find it to be an incredible benefit. I can feel a very obvious benefit and find that I can fire a lot more punches/kicks before the lactic acid burn kicks in. Its also very obvious in the gym too as my pull up count is much higher with creatine than without.

    However, I think its always a good idea to have trial runs prior to competition where you purposely try to peak your body and then test it out in the gym, that way you can come up with a formula and fine tune it to work well for you.

    As far as eating on your competition day.. I wouldnt do anything drastic and I think you should just eat the way you always do. It may end up counterproductive if you try and mess around with your eating on the day of. I would probably have a bigger dinner the night before and would look to replenish glycogen stores with some sweet potato or plantains. On the day of though, I'd keep it routine.. The last thing you want is indigestion or worse.. the runs... on showtime day.

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    Caffeine, sweet potatoes and eggs.
    Tiny meals in between events chewed thoroughly.
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    I wouldn't try anything new, just eat how you normally train. Just have some good snacks handy.
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    Eat what you always eat!
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
    Don't forget to play!

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