I have been severely conditioned, since infancy, to revere pizza as a golden shrine; a soft, sweet reward. The very sight of it gives me a patriotic thud in my chest, my heart skips a beat in anticipation. Not only was it offered to me almost daily throughout my youth at churches, day care, youth events and picnics, etc., but everything in the universe told me to eat it, a lot, and then eat some more. This is one tough umbilicus to slice.

I have a weakness that is a strength. I am EASILY reprogrammed. I can change my thinking, and let others do so, on a dime. I know how infinitesimal I really am in this world, and that at any given time much of what I know is wrong. I've learned that over and over. So it's not a big leap to let my reality be rewritten if I am convinced it's for the better. I know, with proper treatment, I can learn to view pizza as evil. I've already condemned soda, snickers, and more. Yet the very same artifices which comprise those assembled into a large, round, oil pie still symbolize ME. I am the pizza generation, left to die in a food desert, kept from the food that would free my mind. The shackles are OFF but I stay near the ball because I know it and love it. It is a toy, dangerous and poisonous; a fire to dance in carelessly - awakening to scars in the morning.

ALFY'S - Voted Best Pizza and Salad Bar

Alfy's pizza is endorsed by Providence General Medical Center, my employer. How SICK, SICK, SICK is this system?

I cannot find them online. Must be a dirty secret.

Anyway, I will begin to voluntarily feel disgust when I see pizza. The same I feel for donuts and macaroni and cheese. I have to break the emotional tie, recognize it as the anti-food that it is, no matter what idolatrous shape it's mashed into. Starting now.