This is the last straw. I am never telling anyone about the primal blueprint ever again. EVERY TIME I do, I am met with skeptescism, anger, and close-mindedness.

"But you need at least six servings of carbs a day to stay helathy!"

"All that fat is bad for you! You're going to give yourself a heart attack!"

"You must not eat enough vegetables! Eat more vegetables!"

"I don't know why anyone would WILLING enter ketosis unless they had epilepsy. That is the ONLY legitimate use for a ketogenic diet."

NOBODY wants to listen. NOBODY gets it. Nobody WANTS to get it. Ugh.

Take what happened last night for example. I was hangingin out with my friends and one of them commented, "Man, you look really great! You're leaning out, dropping pounds, building muscle... I'm really jealous! Tell me your secret."

"Well, I've been eating following a 'primal' diet' which is basically high fat and low-carb. Lots of veggies, animal foods, and healthy fats from saturated sources. It's been amazing. Another major part of my protocol has been fasting. It helps the body get into a state of burning off its own body fat and has a whole host of other effects that are great for the human body."

"Fasting? Sounds more like a borederline case of anorexia man. Stay away from that shit, it's not good for you, ever. You're giving yourself an eating disorder."

And then, another friend who has a masters in psychology stepped in, "The ONLY time a fast is called for is if you do not have access to food when you need it. Eating every four hours is not only good for the body, but good for your mind as well. Fasting leads to eating disorders if voluntarily undertaken and you should stop immediately. In fact, I have the number of a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders you should probably give a call."

Ugh. That's it. You want to know how I've lost so much weight? How I've gained muscle mass and look great, and manage to stay healthy? How I've increased my testosterone levels, my libido, my energy, and my motivation to live life?

TOUGH. From now on, the secret stays with me. If you aren't open-minded to listening to what I have to say, I'm not interested in sharing it. DON'T ask if you are immediately going to shoot down what may come as new or unusual to you.