I wasn't sure where to post this, so hopefully the nutrition forum is alright. I'm hoping to solve the problem with nutrition, so there's my logic.

I have mild gastroparesis, or as I call it, a lazy stomach. Usually diabetics are the ones with this, but basically it's when the stomach doesn't move food through like it should and sometimes the food just sits there. It leads to an uncomfortable sensation of still being full even hours after eating (since you really are still full!), a heavy feeling, GERD, and other such things. It can also cause alcohol to just sit there and irritate my ulcer instead of moving through - that happened to me once and I thought I was going to die of stomach pain in the morning.

There is a medication I was prescribed to deal with it called Reglan... but it says not to take it more than six months (or three? don't remember) because it can cause all sorts of other muscle twitches! Not my ideal solution. I kept the bottle and just take a pill once in awhile if I'm uncomfortable; maybe a couple times a month if that. I'm really wondering if there are foods or supplements that can kick start a lazy stomach, increase digestive action, anything like that? Most of the solutions I find are prescription drug related.

It's been better than it was in college but sometimes I still feel uncomfortable and I'd love to know if anyone else has been able to manage this sort of thing through healthy means. Thanks for any advice!