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Thread: Talk About School Lunches

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    Wink Talk About School Lunches

    Another thread got me thinking: What school lunches do your kids eat - home-made or from the cafeteria? What were your school lunch options when you were a kid? And, more importantly, what would you choose?

    When I was a kid, I never ever brought lunch from home - I'd always be given a dollar or two from my parents in the morning and use that to pay for my lunch every day.

    In elementary school (1990-1997), I usually ordered the "hot meal" which was something like pasta and sauce, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, mac & cheese, etc. In junior high (1997-1999) I started swaying from that since we suddenly had more [and unhealthier] options. Starting then I'd usually get nachos (stale-ish tortilla chips topped with bright orange goopy "cheese" sauce straight from the pump!) and a gigantic barely-baked chocolate chip cookie, with a gatorade on the side.

    In high school (1999-2003) it got worse, if you can imagine! I'd get a soft pretzel with the same "cheese" mentioned before, poured over top. I'd get the same cookie, too, or sometimes get a big bowl of soft-serve ice cream (fat-free, high-sugar of course!) topped with caramel. Sometimes I'd forgo the pretzel and just get two big bags of Cheetos and a bottle of Mountain Dew.

    Sure, we had options for the "hot meal", too, and I vaguely recall seeing a salad bar... but I definitely never ate a veggie for or with my lunch in high school!

    What about you guys?
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