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Thread: Talk About School Lunches

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    Back when I was in elementary school (late eighties) we also had lunch ladies who cooked balanced meals from scratch. Usually we had a soup, then a main course with protein, fat, veggies and some type of starch. Desert was often some sugary pudding type concoction, but more often than not we were given fruit instead.
    Aaah, how the times have changed. For the worse, much worse.

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    I didn't have much options for lunches when I was a kid, but it was usually a slice of bread with a slab of butter folded over and a tub of yoghurt.

    I remember in high school they changed everything to 'healthy' (just took all the lollies out) by law - lots of fruit juice, sandwiches and rolls, and took out the coca cola. I remember the uproar at that...

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    In Australia, we have tuckshop, not cafeterias. Our classrooms and eating areas are outside (though I live in Qld, it may be different in the southern states where they have longer, colder winters). You have a brown paper bag with your order on the outside and put the money in, it gets taken to the tuckshop and returned just before lunch. This means parents can choose their child's lunch (for those in primary school). You can go and buy stuff directly from the tuckshop too.
    Oh gosh I haven't thought of lunch orders for years
    Yeah, I only had it once a term too, always at the end of the term, and all the other kids would do the same thing and the tuck shop ladies would get annoyed that the orders would double.

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    During elementary, I would take in an apple (otherwise, it was mandatory pb&j sandwiches offered by the school) and when I got older, I would skip lunch.

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