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Thread: Leafy green veggie recipes

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    Also a spinach based BAS is good. Add whatever goodies you like such as tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, olives. Then fry up a boatload of bacon. Crumble the done bacon on the salad. Mix a little balsamic vinegar and a grind of pepper in with the bacon drippings and pour over the salad as the dressing.

    And, Leida, that soup does sound awesome. Do the meatballs go into the broth raw or do you sear them in a pan first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I do basically this, maybe add some red and yellow bell peppers for color. I start with a huge pile of kale first and let it cook down to medium soft. Then add another huge pile of spinach since it doesn't take as long to cook. When it's all wilted and soft, I add some sour cream. Stir and serve.

    Kale is something I know is really good for you yada yada.. but ,when it's raw, I just can't get past the feeling while chawing on it that it was meant to be horse fodder. This recipe actually makes it very tasty.
    Kale is a hard sell in my house, but maybe this recipe will work. And, oh my, sour cream, never thought of that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraSB View Post
    Kale is a hard sell in my house, but maybe this recipe will work. And, oh my, sour cream, never thought of that!
    Im gonna try this one tonight. Serve it next to some prime rib! Stoked! Thank you all.

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    Originally Posted by LauraSB

    In a large fry pan,

    1 (or more) tablespoons coconut oil
    Mushrooms, onion, shallots, garlic (any or all of these, as much as you like)
    Sauté til lightly browned
    1 (or more) tablespoons butter
    *Huge* pile of baby or chopped spinach, as much as pan will hold
    Sauté til completely wilted
    This also works well with rainbow swiss chard, and I find the chard less likely to be bitter than kale, yet it holds up just as well to cooking. I usually sprinkle with a bit of lemon juice as well since I love lemon and garlic together.

    Then I use it as a bed for poached salmon and top with roasted tomatoe cups*.

    roasted tomatoe cups*:

    chopped shallot
    chopped tomatoe
    chopped artichoke
    goat cheese (opt)

    Laver the bottom of a custard cup with ~1/2" of shallot, add a 1" layer (or more) of chopped tomatoe, add another layer of chopped artichoke, top with spoonful of pesto and sprinkle with goat cheese (if you do that sorta thing). Bake for 30 minutes(ish) at 375 til bubbly and the cheese is browned. While these are baking, poach the salmon and sautee the greens in the same pan you used for the salmon. Serve the tomatoe cups over the poached salmon on a bed of sautee'd chard. The combination of flavors and textures is fantastic. This is the kind of meal I serve to people who aren't primal and are convinced they don't like greens and/or poached fish.

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