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Thread: Dips progression

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    The regular parallel dips I do are not like Al's, though. Maybe the way I do it is bad for my joints or something, but I tend to go a lot lower. I try to get my shoulders level with my hands, at least. So far so good, but is that wrong?
    Not everyone can handle going that deep on a parallel dip, but people with strong, flexible shoulders should definitely feel free to extend the range of motion. With this type of instructional video, I usually try to stay beginner friendly, hence the shorter ROM. A first timer could be asking for trouble if they go too low, but like yourself, I often do my dips as low as possible. I suppose I could have addressed this in the clip. Hmm...maybe I'll redo it at some point.
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    Oh, okay! Thanks, Al. You're awesome. Seriously.
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