When I came to this world of what I used to call, "unhealthy eating", I decided I would sit down and read about this first. I read the first part of Mark's book "21 Day Challenge" and for some reason, I immediately had an epiphany. Mark's reasoning made so much sense to me!

I think the real reason I'm here is because, I can go about a week without exercising and gain more weight than I would like, but why would I want to exercise an hour a day every day of my life just to feel good about my body and my weight?

Sure, when I exercised everyday I lost 60 lbs but I couldn't have any fun. I would be too tired to go out with friends, rock climb with my friends, too hungry to sit under a tree and read a book. Instead I was "recovering" on the couch watching TV and wondering, "When the hell is this 3 hours going to come around? I'm already starving!!!"

I never want to live like that again. I want to know that my body is burning fat whether I'm sitting at work, socializing with friend and family, walking around the block, sittin under a tree reading a book, even eating ribs at my parents house.

I don't want to be hungry all the time. I don't want to sit in the office waiting for lunch and feeling like I didn't get any work done because I'm completely miserable and hungry and worn out.

Today has been day 3 of the 21 Day Challenge. I just had lunch. I had a huge, giant salad of lots veggies, chicken and good fats and while I type this I'm asking myself "why am I typing this? I want to go outside and walk around". I have SO much energy!!

Let me tell you about myself. During 2011 in January for my New Years Revolution, I promised that I would slim down. I worked my ASS off (literally). I spent countless dollars buying Beachbody Products (P90X, INSANITY, P90X2, INSANITY ASYLUM) and don't get me wrong they WORK!!! However, a few weeks off just letting my insane body rest, and I ended up putting some weight back on... This SUCKS!

Then, I watched a YouTube video of Mark talking about the Paleo Diet and how it all works. I wanted to find out more. "How did this work? What can it do for me? Is this like the Atkin's Diet? I don't want to go on a diet..."

The more I read and found out about the Paleo Diet the more I realized that it's not a "diet". This isn't a one time thing, this is for LIFE! This is reprogramming your body to forget about carbs because carbs don't last long. They are the worst fuel ever. Why would somebody drive a car that only gets 4 miles to the gallon when you can go 500 miles to the gallon and save yourself a little bit of headache and a lot of money?!!?! (Horrible analogy, I know)

I'm not keto-adapted, or fat-adapted yet, but I can tell you that this initial hunger; this initial feeling of my body saying, "Hey! You don't have any carbs in your blood. Eat carbs or else I'm going to turn on the fat!!" What I'm going to say is, "Good!!!! Do it! I want you to!!" and when my body starts burning fat and I feel amazing knowing that I don't have to plan meals, count carbs, and have my life back from never ending cardio, I know that I'm going to regret eating carbs for so long. And if this diet backfires, I'll have a good story to tell my future children. :-)

Cheers everyone, and wish me and everyone else starting this challenge a little bit of luck and a lot of willpower until the initial carb withdrawal ends.

Thanks for reading,

GrokGrok (Chris)