I am sorry ahead of time. I just got to talk to people who understand. I am a first year nursing student in my second week of nursing school and we just covered nutrition. I just about wanted to rip my eyes out and bang my head against the desk. It was a SAD sad class. Food pyramid all the way. Then in the next breath they talk about the rise of diabetes. *Facepalm* I'm wondering if it would be completely disrespectful to send my professors books, journal articles, links etc. to try and educate her. She seems to hate me already so I can't do too much more damage right?

Today was kind of the last straw for me. We were talking at the end of class about fundraising for nursing fees etc. I'm like ok that sounds fine. Except, most of the fees go towards food for banquets and buying pizza and cookies for the class. I'm like, "Dude, I thought we were trying to promote health here?!" The nursing professors are also encouraging the students who are trying to run for a class position to bring in cookies and suckers to win votes.

I am disgusted with our medical field. We honestly need to start some paleo/primal colleges for nursing and medicine.