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Thread: Walking

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    It's absolutely fine. I walk around 50-60 miles per week - always have and always will.

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    Walking 5 miles a day is also recommended for weight loss. 10,000 steps with some of that being extended brisk walking. I think Mark did a post on this.

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    As long as your body can handle it, any amount of walking should be fine.

    But it is doubtful that you gained 4 pounds of muscle in a week - particularly at your weight. The 4 pound swing was likely a water-weight swing.

    Someone your size, if you lose a lot of weight, will actually lose a lot of the muscle you have been using to carry that weight around. That is a good thing. If you eat sufficient protein, and start doing body-weight exercises when you can, you can minimize the muscle loss once you are at a more healthy, functional level.

    Be mindful of your joints, etc - and walk as much as you can!

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    Quote Originally Posted by texasblackrose View Post
    thank you everyone for the help =) i am taking today off for my muscles to relax and tomorrow going to try some jogging on the local track! i feel good, im happy my body does not hurt too much for being as heavy as i am and my food intake is good!
    I would really suggest sticking with the walking until you drop some more lbs. You will burn a lot more fat at low level exercise and not have the risk of hurting joints, ligaments, etc. Especially since you are transitioning from couch potato to fit Primal beast.
    Another explanation for the weight gain could be fluid retention in sore muscles not used to this much exercise.

    IMO, walking is the most Grokian of all exercises. Keep at it and you will do great.

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    I'm lucky to get in 45 min walks 3-4 days a week. I always try for more than that, but life stays in my way. I'm jealous of you who walk more than that. I do get a few "lucky" weeks where I get 5-6 hrs or even a little more, but that doesn't happen often.

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    im doing good. im down a total of 10lbs today and walked 5 miles yesterday which took me 145mins, but i did it =) im a little sore today, but planning on another 5mile walk. im really enjoying these walks, i feel good when im out and about now. i also joged 1/2 a mile (2 rounds) slowly on the track this past saterday. i use to enojoy jogging when i was young, so i know i will once again once im thinner.

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    also, if anyone wants to add me on myfitnesspal - my user name is texasblackrose - im logging everything i eat every day no matter what it is.

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    Texaxblackrose, you come across as very motivated and positive ,
    I hope you will feel better and lose excess weight soon, but listen to your body.

    I walk 3 miles on working days (to and from) and in the weekend anywhere between 0.5 and 40 miles.. The amount of walking is new for me too, and i have wonky feet, that do hurt sometimes (i just don't always seem to have the right walking rythm, maybe Shbikes can chime in to advice on shoes ?)

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    I am motivated and positive because I need to change my life. I let myself get this way, so I need to change myself and my life style.
    I found yesterday that I didn't want to eat much, I hardly broke 800 calories. Today I decided to take a break, I am a little sore and feel tired even with a great night sleep. Ate a nice large protein and fat filled meal around 6am and its almost 2pm and not hungry. im just so... happy. happy is the only word i can use to describe myself right now.

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    My opinion on shoes is that you don't need arch support and all that jazz. Simple shoes will do just fine. Breathable mesh is best. If you are going to do a lot of walking and hiking, you should consider buying them a size bigger than you are used to. If they are snug around the arch area then the extra length will make your toes happy and you won't slip around. My shoe size went up several sizes while hiking the PCT. Some of that was muscle and skin and reduced when I got home. But some of it was my feet spreading out and was a permanent increase. I have spaces between all my toes now.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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