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    What did you have for breakfast this morning?

    Primal Fuel
    Okay PB fam just wondering what everyone had for breakfast this morning? This would be a great way for some of us to maybe learn a few different breakfast ideas is we need a change. I'll start. I just got done eating 5 whole grocery store bought "cage free" eggs. Two home made sausage patties made from ground pork. One cup of coffee with a couple of tlbsp of real cream. I know store bought eggs are not very nutritious but needed them in a pinch until I can find a local source for free range eggs. I think I may have found one only a couple miles from my house. I pretty much have the same thing every morning and I might switch the meat between bacon, hm sausage or steak. Let's see what you ate.
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    All on a 6ft. 1/2 inch frame.

    I can't wait to meet my abs for the first time in my life. We gotta lot of catching up to do.

    I love this way of eating and hope to be able to help others.

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    I had a small cobb salad with quacamole as a dressing. Normally 2 eggs, bacon, and whatever veggies on sale.

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    I had some leftover chili that I took out of the freezer.

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    4 scrambled eggs from a local farm, 4 pieces of uncured bacon, a banana, and some awesome french-pressed coffee.

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    Sauteed red bell pepper, green onion, and chopped leftover steak mixed in with three eggs and a few small slice of Paleo sandwich bread

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    4 egg omelet with spinach and mushrooms with an avocado on the side

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    One steak, or maybe it was a piece of rubber. Very unsatisfying. and a glass of water.
    Fear of the unknown...They are afraid of new ideas. they are loaded with prejudices, not based upon anything in reality, but based onÖ if something is new, I reject it immediately because itís frightening to me. What they do instead is just stay with the familiar.

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    This morning I had:

    1) 1 espresso with a tsp of sugar
    2) 4 buckwheat/carrot cookies (made with palm oil!)
    3) 4 rice cakes with homemade citrus and berry jam, and some chesnut jam
    4) white tea with 1 tsp sugar
    5) some fruit (peaches from our tree, grapes, a grapefruit)

    Maybe not the kind of breakfast you're interested in...but it was great!

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    2 eggs w/ left over ground pork (from the bacon wrapped jalepeno recipe) and mushrooms sauteed in bacon fat
    1 sl thick cut bacon
    1/4 avocado
    2 c coffee, black

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    Going to workout first, then have a breakfast BAS with some leftover baked chicken.
    Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.

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