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    beef bone broth, 3 T of kerrygold butter, hot sauce and a sprinkle of wakame. black irish tea.
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    Four eggs scrambled in butter with tomatoes and ham.

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    1.5 italian sausages
    1 slice fat bread with butter
    Decaf coffee with heavy cream.

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    4 eggs (2 hard boiled & 2 fried medium), 1/3 lb sausage, a pile of bacon, a tablespoon full of coconut oil in my coffee. 1 spoon full of chia seeds in my water. 3-4 more cups of plain black coffee.

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    For breakfast today I had 3 slices of heritage bacon - mass produced, but no sugar - a whole leek sliced up and half a tomato. It was all fried up with Essence of Emeril - Bayou, paprika, Chinese five spice and a wee bit of chili powder. Delicious! And yes, the five spice was a random impulse.

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    I had 4 fried eggs [bantam eggs so a bit small], 4 bacon rashers, a sliced beetroot, some chopped up red pepper, a chopped up spring onion and a slice of cheese. Edit - and some sliced cucumber.

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    2 eggs fried in butter, some olive oil/sea salt potato chips, and a bowl of frozen mixed fruit/berries with yogurt.
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    Coco Puffs and a Miller 64.

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    Chicken breast. Blegh, so boring. I'm trying to get away from eggs (autoimmune protocol) and never have leftovers, so I really have no clue what to eat.
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    Oh good! I wanted to post what I had for breakfast because of how delicious it was.
    I got some coleslaw mix at the store (I don't want to make my own because I don't have a lot of counter space and I will never finish it all-because I'll have to buy whole heads of cabbage-before it goes bad) because I had intended to make coleslaw. I was hoping to find a primal coleslaw recipe but haven't so far and frankly, I'm glad I didn't.
    I fried a handful and some of the slaw mix in coconut oil, then I added some bulk grassfed pork sausage. Saute for a bit, add salt, pepper, fresh basil, sage and rosemary, add and egg and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS! I could have plunged that down my throat with a funnel, it was so good. The basil and sage was a little spicey and balanced the cabbage really well. I hope to have it for dinner or breakfast tomorrow. Nomz ahoy!

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