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Thread: The Paloe/Primal Adaptations of Russian Food

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    The Paloe/Primal Adaptations of Russian Food

    Hey, folks.

    Like every culture, Russia eats its share of beloved grains. Buckwheat R US. Millet ain't an exotic 'ancient' grain confined to the organic section of the health food store. Heck, the honored guests are greeted in Russia with an offering of bread (rye, sour dough) and salt (coarse). But, all and all, Russian dishes actually work super-nicely without that slice of rye bread loaded with mustard. If you avoid tubers, it is a bit harder, since beets & carrots keep well in the winter, so a lot of cooking incorporates. Cabbage is nearly obligatory too.

    My husband doesn't like pickled stuff, so, alas, I have not made any of the wonderful pickles and preserves my grandma canned throughout the summer (she did not pickle pine-cones. I wish I knew why. Everything else was a fair game). Speaking of my husband... Western folk might be turned off by my ingredient list or a thought that fish can be jellied. And, yeah, I am a Russian wife of a Canadian Citizen, but I am not a Russian Wife TM imported though the dating service, staying home applying make-up all day and planning how to catch an even richer husband and all that jazz (Okay, got that off my chest!).

    Once I came to the West, I encountered a far wider range of spices than was available back in the home country, and I have experimented with incorporating it into my cooking a BIG time.

    Obviously, I am influenced by Eastern Europenian and Central Asian cuisines a lot as well, so eggplants, sweet peppers, caravai seeds and hot peppers are not out of the question.

    I will try to keep posting whenever I am making an old re-vamped favorite., even if nobody comments, though I appreciate comments if you tried the recipe.
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