So I just got done reading The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living/The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance and Body by Science. I'm revved up and ready to go...but somehow I missed the part where they tell you where to start as far as weight goes.

I read something about 80% of your max ...I don't know my max. I got into the fitness room and lets just say I didn't get anywhere close to going to positive failure. Which for those who haven't read the book means pulling or pushing the weight until you can't anymore. You keep trying for a good fifteen seconds at the end of a move like chest press and that's when you are done with that set.

If it helps I'm 6'1" 28 years old 29 on the 27th of October...I guess I could just say 29....its close enough..anyway. I've been obese for awhile and am still losing weight...I think I'm technically overweight now...not sure but I'm down to 241 from a high of 275 in recent history and my high quite awhile ago was 297. I'd really like to get some strength but need to know where to start. Also either the machines at this Recreation center suck...I think they do and/or I need to make adjustments because I couldn't seem to get in the leg press without my lower back hurting. I tried adjusting the seat and such but couldn't get it to a good point.