I know a lot of people have experienced wrist pain during hands-on-the-floor exercises such as push ups, planks, and others. I also know there are ways to manage this by using your fists, hex dumbells, etc. My question though is - does it get better?

I've always had weak wrists it seems like, especially the left one which I sprained many years ago. I have weak joints in general actually and was diagnosed with a form of arthritis as a child but I don't really have it and found that it's linked to sulfite sensitivity and has gotten much better over the years. ANYWAY. I'm scared to push through when it comes to joints because I don't want to do damage, but if it's a weakness of the muscles or something like that and will improve with training, I'm willing to do that!

Last night I went to "boot camp" at the gym with my friend. I had to do bear crawl, crab walk, reverse bear crawl, sideways travelling plank things, seal walk (dragging your feet, walking on hands), plank (I did it on my elbows though), football jumps (plank position to jumping your feet up to next to your hands, and back), in and out pushups.... I was hurting by the end! I don't want my wrists to be the limiting factor when it comes to exercise. Can it get better, will it get better with practice and training, or is all wrist pain a no-no and I should avoid those things completely? Thanks for sharing your expertise!

{DH says it'll get better but he's off doing crossfit in Afghanistan and is WAY more hardcore than me so that sort of doesn't count...}