I have been following this (diet mostly yet) for about a month, and have noticed big differences. My question has to do with my brother, who is type II, and is loosing feeling in his feet which has the whole family very concerned. I believe he does insulin injections as well as other meds. I would like to recommend that he follow the PB lifestyle, but....

I hear lots of success stories. Anyone who is type II and NOT had the success they wanted? Why do think that it is the case? (Not following successfully, perhaps, or not long enough?) Have you had other issues crop up and maybe are thinking of leaving this behind as not for you? I really need to hear the negatives too, so that I can warn him what to look out for etc.

So, please let me know. I am worried about my brother and want to send him the book (lead the horse to water so to speak.) But I need to know downsides too. Not everything works for everyone, I want to hear that too (even though I am VERY inspired by the success stories! But, while I had low blood sugar issues, I am not obese or diabetic.)

Thanks in advance for your stories.