My son started kindergarten today and I was surprised to hear from other parents that they have pizza day EVERY WEEK. When I was in elementary school we had it ohhhhh, TWICE A YEAR! Does this not seem excessive? I posted about it on another forum and basically got told that if I don't like it, I don't have to participate (thanks Tips!) Is it just me or does this not strike anyone else as fundamentally wrong? I mean, I was all for letting my son have the odd pizza day but once/week? Apparently the schools make big $$$ offering this pizza day vs other types of fundraisers. A bunch of bear paw parents came down on me for thinking the school should be setting a better example by not offering it so often!?!? I mean, obviously I can opt out (and will!) but it's in their face as an accepted all-the-time food because IMO, weekly is NOT "once in a while" So, pardon the pun, but am I out to lunch or are they?