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Thread: Re-injured coccyx

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    Quote Originally Posted by aix_sponsa View Post
    Thanks for the replies, everyone! If it continues to hurt me I'll set up a doctor appointment and in the meantime I'll try to stay off of it as much as possible.

    I did think of a few things that might be worth thinking about.

    First, I think you might perhaps sit in a kneeling posture in a meditation stool sometimes. It wouldn't really be possible to sit in one of those on your coccyx. Plus you get a very positive sense of the contact between the sitting-bones and the seat. I think there'd be a kind of useful kinasthetic reminder there. If that sounds like something worth trying, you can probably get one cheap enough online by searching under something like "meditation stool" or "prayer stool".

    Then I thought that you might ask advice from Dr. Kruse. He does deal with people's spines professionally, and is prepared to take questions on his site.

    Ask Jack

    Thirdly, I wondered about another resting position. There's a position they use in Alexander Technique where you lie on the floor with your knees drawn up and your head on two to three paperback books. That might be beneficial, although you'd have to take care in how you got up and down -- but there are recomended sequences for doing that.

    Finally, there's a meditation technique called "visualization" that you might possibly use. I remember years ago hearing of martial arts guy, a korean I think, who broke some knuckles punching bricks. Every day he set aside a few minutes and sat there imagining his knuckles like a brick wall getting built up. The speed of mending of his hand, as shown by X-ray, was remarkable. There are number of stories of this sort, though you'd probably search in vain for anything like a controlled study. I think if you were lying, as in suggestion three above, you might imagine water or light flowing all the way down your spine. I think that one is an actual yoga technique -- not sure. It'd probably tend to empahsize the unity and connectedness of the spine. But maybe this would be too wacky for you.

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    Thanks for the other suggestions! Lewis, I'll try to implement some of your ideas. Thanks again!

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