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Thread: All natural skin lotion recipe

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    All natural skin lotion recipe

    So lately I've really gotten in making my own hygiene products. I've made homemade toothpaste, deodorant, and now skin lotion. Needless to say the lotion does cost a little more, but I'm am trying to repair scar tissue from childhood obesity and wanted to take a shot at making my own. The store bands do not seem to help much, plus everything in this recipe is all natural.

    Homemade Skin Lotion
    1/4 cup of good quality aloe gel
    1/2 of coconut oil
    1/2 cup of really good shea or cocoa butter (you could try a mix, I used shea because I had a really pure source)
    2 tbs of beeswax
    2 tbs of raw honey
    2tbs of sunflower oil
    2tbs of grapeseed, olive oil, hempseed, flax, or avocado
    Your favorite essential oil(s)

    I used tea tree oil and I also steeped two bags of chamomile tea so I wouldn't have to buy an extra essential oil
    I'll put this stuff up against any store brand lotion, and best of all there are no harsh chemical or preservatives!
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