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Thread: Any Thoughts on using Smith Machines and Stronglifts 5x5 program in primal

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    Smith Machine is great for the reverse pull-up and calf rises. Sissy squats, too. You can stretch against it. For a good lifting program, you need a proper rack.

    SL 5x5 is fantastic. It has very simple, very efficient set-up. The only thing to watch out for is that point when accumulated fatigue from doing huge amount of sets with heavier weight starts stalling you and switch to 3x5 in time, and then to an intermediate program. Once you stalled out on a lift for a month or so, it is a good point to evaluate if you have exhausted the beginner linear progression and are ready to reduce the sets in order to keep strength gains.
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    We have a similarly outfitted fitness center where I work. I use it at lunch time because it's convenient. They also only have a curl bar and a Smith machine along with some other weight machines (a cable machine plus various stack machines) dumbells, kettle bells, and medicine balls. Along with the standard cardio stuff. I've been using the Smith machine for Australian pull ups and incline pushups. It basically looks like they outfitted it from a secondhand shop.

    it looked like they were going to install something for TRX about 2 months ago, but I heard them say it was the wrong piece of equipment or something and that hasn't panned out. I'm a little disappointed because I do have TRX straps that I use at home.

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