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Thread: Question to those who use coconut flour often and is nut flour bad?

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    Question to those who use coconut flour often and is nut flour bad?

    Should using a tablespoon or 2 of coconut flour daily cause any problems? I know many say to use coconut flour sparingly because of the high fiber content but 2 tbsp(one serving) is only 5g fiber. I've found i really like making coconut flour pancakes with 1 egg 1-2tbsp coconut flour and a bit of coconut milk. But I didnt know if this could become a problem if im also eating veggies and getting fiber from other places.

    Also i've read that cooking with nut flours is bad and should be avoided. why is this?

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    I believe the problem with using nut flours is that heating nuts oxidizes the fat and creates more o6 or something.

    And I use coconut flour a lot the only probelsm I've had with it is a small amount makes me super full for quite awhile. Though that may be a good thing. I've seen that for some people it really backs them up. I don't know if that's because of some intolerance to it or they are just eating a large amount in one sitting.

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    I don't think that little on an every day basis is bad at all and quite frankly, those pancakes sound reallly good. I may have to try that.

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    i have yet to try it but am thinking about frying some oysters or some chicken with it. alas i gave up my beloved cornmeal long ago, thats how they roll in the south lol

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