Latest article made me curious. Anyone else on here suffering/suffered from any IBD, in particular, UC and seen a marked improvement since going primal?

A little of my story as it relates to UC. I have had the disease since I was 19 (I am 39 now). It required daily medicine to control it and when it flared up it would require double to triple to dose of said medicine - and my condition is considered "mild". Now I am at the point of needed medicine once every 7 to 10 days which, as you can imagine, is a big improvement after 20 years.

I went low carb back in 2009 (June or so) to lose weight but still included grains (mostly due to ignorance) and saw an improvement in UC but never put two and two together. After reading Wheat Belly I cut out wheat (Oct 2011) and saw an improvement again and then I "discovered" you Primal guys, read Mark's book, and cut out grains/legumes (April 2012) entirely and saw an improvement again.... but its not gone.

So curious if anyone else has suffered from something similar and if they had a similar experience of improvement but not being cured (or at least taking a long time to be cured). After my experience I am 100% sure this disease is diet related but wonder if there is something about it which takes it longer to heal. Or am I somehow eating grain/legume and just don't know it.