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    45 year old pre menopausal...

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    I'm starting out with intermittant fasting 2/5 and have been rummaging around the Internet looking for information. Prompted because I saw the Horizon documentary and thought it very interesting.

    A few basics about me:- age 45, height 5'4" weight, 59 kg (sorry to mix metric with imperial but I live in France and my scales don't do llbs), I've lost 2 kgs so far. I have three children and last year ran regularly including a semi marathon and several other races. After a nasty injury this February (fractured femur) I was forced to take a break from running which was horrible. This last month I've been getting back on track but not so regular as before.

    I'm hoping to lose another 5 kg - it would benefit my running - also I'd look better :-)

    Any advice on what to eat on fast days? (I have between 4-500 calories).

    Thanks everyone

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    It's probably as well to bear in mind that the practice is said to work relatively well for most men but to be counter-productive for quite large numbers of women. The figures I heard were works for about 90% of men and about 25% of women. I can't remember where the figures came from, unfortunately, and whether they come from anything like a properly controlled experiment or whether it's just "this is something like what we find".

    59 kg would be about 130lbs, so within the normal range for BMI:

    Normal Weight Information

    That's a relatively crude measure, of course, and I guess it's possible one could be within the correct range and still have a little too much visceral fat. But then if you do, the kind of exercise you enjoy unfortunately would work against you:

    Dear Mark: Chronic Cardio | Mark's Daily Apple

    I think most people who have a fast-day don't eat on that day, and just eat more on other days. But there could be people eating 4 to 500 calories on on what are nominally "fast" days. I don't know whether there'd be any advantage to that, and what was shown on Horizon. You could search across this site by putting this term into google:

    intermittent fasting

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