I am a 27-year-old female landscaper in southern Florida. I happened across a link to MDA from an unrelated forum about a month and a half ago and realized that most of the things suggested in the primal blueprint were things that I had been working towards on my own. The ones that I had not implemented made logical sense and with great interest, I started making steps towards being primal.

The first week, I cut out all grains except rice and a little oatmeal, beans, and all added sugar except one 12oz soda per day as my mid-afternoon crutch. By the end of the first week I was already starting to feel a little better, then a sudden thunderstorm prompted me to run into the house towards the end of week. As I got to the house I realized that my chest didn't hurt. For the previous 20 or so years of my life, every time I had run or jogged more than a few steps I had to deal with horrible pains in my chest until my breathing was back to normal. I have sprinted several times since and although I run out of breath from not having run much in the past, my chest pains are gone.

After this I have no further attachment to bread and pasta. They do not even tempt me.

Since then, I have cut out all grains (though I will eat rice if we eat out), all legumes, and I have not had a soda in five days as of this post, though I am using dark chocolate and coconut water as a temporary crutch. So far I have had more energy, better recovery when out working, my acne is almost gone, and I no longer have blood poisoning type reactions to fire ant stings.

Although I lost four pounds the first week (likely water weight), my goal is not to change weight. I am comfortable with my size. My goals are to be healthy, fit, and happy. As a part of this, I am going to work my way towards ketosis to try to control my epilepsy. I would take a leap for it but Florida summers are a bit too harsh a mistress for stunts like that.

Until I start to get more comfortable with what I can eat and stay in ketosis, I will be a bit strict about keeping track of just how much food I am eating. I'm not typically a calorie counter so once I get things figured out I'll likely wing most of it.

To get into ketosis, my targets are:
21g net carbs
38-46g protein
84-147g fat

And before anyone(else) freaks out about low numbers, I am 4' 10 1/2" tall and weigh 92-93lbs (42kg). I have weighed within 7 pounds of this weight for the past decade so it is a stable weight. I am also not skinny fat. Skinny fat cannot load a 32 gallon barrel of grass clippings onto the bed of an F350.