I've been doing a little more shifting around with my meals.

For breakfast I have 2-4 eggs and half of a large chicken sausage.

I skip lunch, midafternoon I eat about 2 cups of fruit. I usually keep some macadamias and cheese on hand in case I start having salt cravings or get hungry before I get home. Since I can eat bananas again, I have been including 1/3-1/2 of a banana with the fruit. I have had much less of an issue with salt cravings since I started the fruit. On off days I skip the fruit and just eat macadamias and cheese if I feel like eating something.

When I get home I eat dinner, which is typically a meat, a couple non-starchy veggies, and a starchy veggie. The starchy veggie is usually squash, carrots, or half a sweet potato. Off days I typically have less or skip the starchy veggie altogether.

So far this seems to work fairly well. It keeps me going through long workdays and my husband has been steadily losing 1-2lbs per week eating slightly larger portions of what I eat.


Mangos seem to be dwindling in availability. Some of the trees we get fruit from are going out of season but a couple more are just starting to get ripe. Avocados are gearing up nicely, will probably be getting a bunch of them within a few weeks. One place has a few bananas and a pineapple I am waiting to ripen so I can claim them. <.< The citrus trees are filling up with nice sized green fruit, star fruits are starting to bloom again, and guavas are ripening. I'm not sure what to do with the guavas though. My Macadamia that bloomed this year has two nuts on it right now, it keeps thinning them out. The moringa hedge is taking off. I've been adding some of the leaves to meals and drying more of it to use as herbs. Harvested a bunch of mint, oregano, and lemon basil and dried them to use in cooking. I am wondering if I should try something with my barbeque rosemary. My black sapote and grumichama bloomed earlier this tear but I didn't see any fruit set. The yellow passionfruit has been blooming like a maniac so I am hoping for another large crop. Maybe I'll get some purples soon.