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Thread: How about a nice big bowl of poisonous opiate?

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    I think what makes me angriest about GMO foods is the whole fact of even having to worry about it. IOW, in the "usual" course of life, we worry about our jobs, kids, school, the price of gas, our spouses, aging parents, etc. Now we have to worry about the poisons in our foods. It's probably the first thing in 30 years to wake me up politically.

    Before I found Primal, I was about 80% here already (the food part), and it was taking me far too long to grocery shop because anything not on the produce, butcher, etc., aisle had lists of ingredients so long, and virtually everything had soy in it. I finally just gave up eating anything that comes in a can or box (one exception being tomato paste - list of ingredients: organic tomatoes). I was so resentful that if I wanted to eat anything except prepared from scratch food I had to eat garbage.

    I hate hate hate the idea of these once fairly wholesome foods becoming Frankenfoods. On a health level, on a political level, on every level.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirlot View Post
    Was driving through Montana and saw a field of dwarf wheat - very sad looking stuff.

    Totally off topic, but I just realized that your picture is you holding onto a pole sideways! That's great!
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