Itís a bit tough to know how to start a first post here.
Iím female, 35, a serious athlete. I was pretty close to 100% primal for a few years on the food front Ö doing lots of training, feeling great and staying super lean. Lots happened in the first half of this year and I pretty much gave up for a while and found myself back riding the sugar and starch roller coaster and getting a lot softer (and slower!) than Iíd like to be.
Iím trying to fix all that and find my way back to being a competitive runner.
My biggest issues are with eating when I am upset, stressed or tired. When I get to eatting lots of sugar, I feel super tired and depressed when I donít have it. I also travel and such a fair bit for work and that can be tough.
131 lbs at the moment. I think that 116 or so would be a good racing weight for me so thatís a big focus Ö tempered by the need to actually have energy to train. I find that a tough balance when trying to lose weight.
Iíve been reading a few journals here and finding them very inspiring. Decided to start my own. Largely, I am looking for some accountability in sticking to the plan but hopefully I can also share some fun recipes and so forth.
Breakfast: Chopped up a ton of broccoli, poured over some left over lamb stew and microwaved the whole deal. Nom nom! And super filling. I didnít have anything other than water again until 2:30
Late lunch: Salad with rotisserie chicken. Fresh arugula and tomatoes from my garden. Hard to beat.
Pre-workout snack: Rico and Lola raspberry ice (fruit, sugar, water) Ė I was worried about having the energy for a good run.
Dinner (planned): Chicken coconut curry with lots of veggies
Exercise: played volleyball with my work team for about 50 min at lunch time and 1:25 hard run intervals when I got home.