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Thread: Happy Lean and Fast

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    Progress on every lift this evening. Booyah!!! Powered by figs
    Home to maple glazed salmon, scallops wrapped in bacon and an awesome medley of oh so fresh veggies with pine nuts.
    Tired but very happy.

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    A bit of a crazy day yesterday. In the office at 6 and then out to dinner with a visitor from a partner company until almost 9. I tried to get up super early and run but the body said no. I got out there and it was freezing cold and my hip was killing me again. Bummed.
    Back to bed and then I was in a rush to get out the door so I grabbed the last skewer of bacon wrapped scallops and leftover veggie medly out of the fridge. Not enough Salad with a little sesame dressing, leftover salmon and yet more bacon scallops for lunch.
    Dinner was not a model meal but could have been far worse. A little calamari and chicken with a mushroom sauce with some greens and potatoes. I shouldn't have eaten the potatoes but I was starving.

    Great run this morning. Short intervals so I did it before eating. Now coffee, 3 bacons, three eggs, three figs
    We have a catered lunch again today. Hoping I can limit the damage there and then really try not to eat more than I need to to get a good gym session in tonight.

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