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Thread: Nutrition Questions Fat/Protein for an athletic type/celiac disease

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moll View Post
    Lean body mass = the number of pounds of body weight that isn't fat. The absolute BOTTOM shelf for body fat percentage for women is 10%, and amy_b, if you ARE only at 10%, you'll probably have quite a few issues associated with that including hormone imbalances which cause your period to cease. If you're not having serious issues like these I'm going to assume you're in the safe range for body fat, which is 14% at the very lowest. This means that the maximum amount of protein you should be eating per day is 94.6 grams. (100%-14%=86%; that's your lean body mass. Your body weight * your lean body mass [110 *.86] = 94.6 grams.) You may not think you're getting that much protein - I don't know if that's the case. But in calculating the amount of protein you got from the food you listed for one day, you were at 97 grams. If that's a typical day for you, you're getting plenty of protein. More than that may start to cause health problems.
    Ah, okay, I was confusing the % with lbs (thought you had to add extra for some reason). Either way, I was close. I didn't think the OP listed how much of each food they had, but it looked REALLY sparse to me.

    I probably eat too much protein, but I don't really eat carbs right now and don't want to eat pure fat =\
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    Thats the same tool that I use to track...dailyplate is a great site. I used to use it obsessively and had to cut back. I had so many digestional issues over the years that I've cut out entire food groups in effort to make my stomach feel better. I have read the paleo book, I think my problem is that over the years, I woudl have such bad experiences with foods that I would just cut them out in hopes that my digestion would improve which is never did. I was sick with Celiac for five years before anyone could figure out what it was. I finally went through enterolab and figured it out on my own. It changed my life but Celiac combined with IBS makes my diet so very limited. I'm also on Amitiza medication through a gastro doctor for IBS and that has made lactose and other foods tolerable which is wonderful. I couldn't tolerate tomatos or onions before.

    So...while Paleo seems to be the ideal diet for me, I don't follow it religiously because I don't necessarily need to and don't need to lose weight. I like the guiding priniciples and the recipes are ones that are easy for me to digest because they are all whole foods and don't include gluten, soy or lactose. Thats just a little history on me. I like to enjoy chocolate and certain other indulgences when I can because over the years my diet has been so limited and frustrating. I don't want to have to follow a certain diet to a T...I want freedom to eat what I want but I just can't because it hurts my stomach and I pay for it days and days later. Does that make sense? I did find a recipe for raw brownies with dates, avocado, raw cocoa etc...SOOOOO good! And more healthy fats.

    I will work on incorporating more fat for sure. When winter comes I'm skiing at least twice a week vs. mtn biking but don't seem to need the carbs for skiing like I do mtn biking...because I get to rest in between. My bike rides can be 4-5 hours on the weekends with not much of a break. Such as tomorrow Fall colors in Colorado!! Just a little insight into my life

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