I have alot of issues! I have celiac disease, soy intolerance and lactose intolerance, the main reason I went to a paleo diet is because many celiacs have success with eliminating all grains. It's worked really well for me, with some minor issues...and I'm hoping some of you can help me.

While I don't "train" for events/racing, I'm pretty active outdoors, I work out every morning either lifting weights, cardio or spin class. In addition, Mountain bike bike twice a week, climb once a week, hike, backpack...everything Colorado has to offer basically. I just don't sit still very well. I find that since going paleo and eliminating grains while it helped my digestion, made my moods worse so I'm wondering if I'm doing it right and I feel depressed/short tempered alot more. I have anti-depressants that used to work great and now don't do anything to help even had the meds reassessed. I'm also down to 110lbs at 5'6, seem to have stabilized at that weight. I also feel like my legs weigh a hundred pounds everytime I start a work out...it always goes away and my endurance is amazing but getting there is obnixously tough.

Few things that I'm wondering...do I follow the paleo for athletes...do I need that level of nutrition? I can't really follow it with my stomach issues. Second, I can't really have grains because of the stomach so adding more fruit...will that work? Maybe just sweet potatos?

I also wondered how many fat and protein gram servings do you typically see in a paleo meal. I have always been taught, you only need 4-6oz protein at a meal and one additional serving (5g) of fat (avocado, oil, etc) per meal. So that is basically what I just go with because I've done it for so long. Maybe if I bumped up my fat servings per meal...would that help my mood? How much protein (oz) do you eat in a meal and how many fat servings would you say? I'm not a big fan of animal fat and can't do butter.

Any guidance is much appreciated!
Thank you.