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Thread: Ball of my foot is killing me, can barely walk-help

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    Ball of my foot is killing me, can barely walk-help

    So I woke up Sunday morning and could barely walk. Is gotten worse

    I am always barefoot or in flip flops. I run in Saucony's and bike and lift 5-6 days a week

    The only thing I've dine different is wear high heels Saturday night to an event. Haven't worn heels in a while and I think that's what did "it".

    Don't know what to do. Can't workout, hurts to walk. The mornings are the worse.

    I am doing the Tough muddier in 6 weeks and was really looking forward to a fun day with friends

    Help me get better.


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    Plantar fasciitis: Symptoms -
    Plantar Faciitis. Would be heel pain, stiff under side and could also cause tight calf muscles.

    Metatarsalgia would describe the ball of the foot.
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    Ball of the foot sounds like it could be Morton's Neuroma. The metatarsals pinch the nerve and create a growth. It can be really painful. I got mine from running in shoes too narrow for my foot, but numerous docs have also said I was structurally set up to get one.

    High heels are also a common cause for neuromas. Some will go away with rest, others are there to stay. I hope you don't have one, but it took me a long time to figure out what I had, so if this is it, at least you know.

    Good luck.

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    I've known a few people who after going barefootish, have had plantar fascitis. If it persists, see what the doc says
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