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    Has anyone ever ordered from it? It's supposed to be Primal, but idk. I saw it as a sponsor on facebook. At the end of the month I going on a flight to Japan and I'd like to know if this would be a good place to order from. My flight's 31 hours (because it has a 15 hour lay over in shanghai) I could go that long without eating, I've done it before without a problem. I'm just wondering if there is a good Primal website for snacks and stuff for airplane rides.

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    I ordered a few Paleo kits from them last year for a backpacking trip and it was good. I prefer my own jerky but was pressed for time. The Paleo Krunch is delicious.

    Aged hard cheese, salami, nuts, and fruit are all easy to travel with.

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    Steve's Original is well-known and renowned in the primal and paleo community. Nearly every blogger I follow (NomNom Paleo, Balanced Bites, MDA, Civilized Caveman, etc.) promote Steve's on their websites and blogs.

    I haven't ordered his stuff yet because I find it too pricey and I can just make my own trail-type mixes much cheaper. But, go for it!
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    Steve's original is good stuff. I'm personally finding more carbs/sweetness than I like in the paleokits, and I'm mildly concerned by the sunflower oil used in the cranberries, but it's still an awesome grab-n-go paleo snack.

    If you look around the internet a bit, you'll find reviews, you'll find that Steve himself is an active online advocate of his products and company (it seems that he'll often respond personally to online reviews/criticism of his product)
    A portion of his proceeds go to crossfit for underpriviledged kids (AWESOME), and he's been VERY careful about sourcing (USDA labeling and sourcing requirements = insanity sometimes). He offers a lot of non-grassfed products in addition to the grass-fed ones, so keep that in mind as you're selecting products if you're looking for strictly grass-fed beef.

    I ordered some sort of sampler from Steve's original (it included a few different varieties of paleokit and jerky and some "granola" type things - great introductory selection), as well as a Paleo MRE to put in my emergency bag.

    I also (at the same time) got some primal pacs and grassfed jerky from - I haven't fully compared the two companies (there are differences in how the jerky is made, which fruits are in the pac/kit, etc.), but they both seem to put out a high quality product that is a better choice than a candy bar, donut, muffin, or almost any "convenience" food.

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