I hate text messaging. All it does is cause misunderstanding and *inhibit* communication. Also I suck at it. Unfortunately everyone my age loves it and so I am forced to cooperate.

Here's an exchange from lunch today between me and the GF that I could use a separate perspective on; frankly I am questioning my
own perceptions as I could be a complete sociopath with a skewed sense of reality.

TFC's Squeeze:"Hey TFC know how I talked about having poor post workout recovery? Well for lunch I am eating sardines (fish oil) with spinach and
avocado "

TFC: "Amazing! Do you think cortisol could be a factor? I'm sending you a care package [of zinc, magnesium, anti cortisol supplements] from Amazon.com"

(she's been under a lot of pressure/stress lately with work, friends and a 100 mile relay race she is running this weekend)

TFC's Squeeze:""Thanks for suggesting I have high cortisol :-/"

TFC: "It was a question goof /bonk!" :P

TFC's Squeeze:""You're right I'm too stressed and suffer a multitude of physical sumptoms as a consequence. All of which are unattractive and debilitating in some way.
Yes I likely have high cortisol. Thank you for pointing it out. Assumptions can be made from that question that hurt my feelings."

TFC: Maintains radio silence so as not to break something again;. scratches mane and wonders what the cure for estrogen is.

Since when is suggesting someone is stressed an insult?
How do I respond? Clearly I have no idea what I am doing.
And yes it's pathetic asking for help from the internet.