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Thread: Grass fed, corn finished nutrition profile

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    30 Days may not be such a big deal.

    Some people prefer grain-finished flavor.

    Our farmers locally who raise 100% grass-fed have not had the severe drought problems and are able to finish on grass, so I think attacking someone as being divorced from reality is sort of uncalled for - depends on conditions in the area and the farmer's methodology. Since the OP's area is drought-stricken, I think the decision to proceed with the purchase is sound, given the facts at hand.

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    In your original post, you said the cow was going to be corn-finished. Is it just a week or two or is it 3 months? Will the cow still be on pasture or kept confined and only have access to corn? Finished is a big difference than supplemented when it comes to health and nutrition.

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    If the cow is raised in a fairly "natural" way, don't sweat the difference between grain and grass fed/finished/supplemented.

    Grok, after all, ate all kinds of semi-rancid meat that had to be practically charcoaled into palatability.

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    Finnegan, thank you for that link, that was just the type of info I was looking for!!!! I feel a lot better as this animal will see no more than a month, but I'm surmising around a couple weeks of a corn supplemented diet. Looks like there will be plenty of omegas left, especially as it will still be getting some natural forage.

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    I am already giving my sheep and goats hay due to the drought. I feed them alfalfa pellets in their automatic feeders though. It's better this year though--last year I had to start throwing hay in early August. We are getting 2 steers to raise in Oct. We will slaughter them in March or so. They will just get hay. No grass grows in the winter.

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