Have been primal for 1.8 years now. Have had not as much success with primal as some other folks...it has fixed some things for me but not others. Overall I have stuck with the no grains no bad oils no processed crap. I make occasional forays into the world of ice cream and potato chips and am very okay with that. So that is my primal life.

Now I find I am 7-8 months pregnant And I have primal pregnancy questions. My doc is fine with whatever diet I follow, he is really cool. But they told me during my last preggo that I would not be able to digest fat well. Does anyone here find that to be the case??? If so, how did you cope (more avocados, more fatty meats?)?

PLEASE only post if you or your significant other was/is primal and pregnant, not looking for hypothetical advice here :0) No offense.