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Thread: What to do with smoked herring?

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    How does this come? Is it like Baccalà where you have to soak it to get the salt out? Even if it's ready to eat, there's nothing preventing you from rinsing some of the salt off and creating your own sauce or oil to eat it with.

    I've only had pickled herring which is so delicious that it's sinful. Add sour cream and OMG.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seaweed View Post
    i've not had smoked herring but kedgeree is made with smoked fish. the rice is a no no but you could prob work a recipe based on the general ingredients of smoked fish and hard boiled eggs. bit of curry powder. steamed riced cauliflower, sour cream etc.

    with the salted muttonbirds we get here which are really salty, you can boil them and change the water a few times. so i guess you could do that and then do some kind of smoked fish soup with lots of broth and veges.
    Why is rice a no no? I eat it quite often - as far as I understood it, white rice is a decent carb, with no real downside.

    As for smoked herring - here in the UK they are called kippers and are a traditional, and very delicious, preserved fish. Some can be very salty, some are much less so. The best kippers IMHO are from Craster and are not too salty. Lovely things! If you don't like them as they are, they make a great pate....
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    I've used canned herring for making party snacks-- mix with a little cream cheese, scallions, and spices and spread on cucumber slices.

    Now if only I could find pickled fillets that aren't swimming in HFCS...

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