Fellow nightshade eaters:
I'm going to try something either today or tomorrow to serve with our roast. You know how eggplant can be peeld, chopped, then roasted or steamed and blended in a processor to make it fluffy and creamy? I'm going to make Eggplant Fluff and add some spices (haven't decided which ones), some cheese perhaps, and a couple of eggs. Then I'm going to bake it, probably about 375 for 25 minutes.

Does this sound awful, or yummy? Has anyone done anything like this, used whipped eggplant to make a souffle or quiche type dish? I imagine some lighter tasting veggies might be good stirred in, but I wanted to keep the texture light. Minced onion might be the only veg I add. I'm guessing at what the finished texture might be like, but a little worried because I never tried making aubergines into a casserole with eggs before.

Any ideas would be appreciated before I go about trying this. Wanted to pick y'all's brains for suggestions I'll report back with a "recipe" and results in a day or so if anyone's interested.