Who: Me.

What: An exercise journal.

When: Mornings mostly, because if I wait until I get home from work, then itís game over.

Why: Because Iíve somehow deluded myself that an exercise journal will be more successful than the online food journal that I let die several weeks ago. (On a side note, Iíve been faithful in tracking things with the 90-day n=1 journal thing at home.)

Where: At home, sometimes outside, and in the tiny hole in the wall gym that I have a free membership to.

Challenges: Bum knees. (I aggravated some ligaments while hiking back in July. But boy was the hiking wonderful!) Asthma issues that wonít quite go away since I got back from my last trip.

Goals: Become stronger. Have better posture. Ski this season, without dying after the first day.

Tools: Peak 8 (or Sprint 8). Anyone else doing this? Walking lots. Lifting weights for posture. Kettleball. Body weight exercises, with a focus on my core and legs.

Exercise for today: Walked briskly for 2 miles. Knee hurts going down stairs so I hobbled down, one at a time. (Too many stairs yesterday.) Some pain in knee and hip while walking to work.