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Thread: Does fasting cure acne?

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    Does fasting cure acne?

    Hey guys. I'm suffering from acne for many years now. Although the problem isn't the same as before, since I cut dairy completely, started primal, supplements, sun exposure, dandelion tea and cut back on the soaps, I'm still craving a total clear skin.
    I've tried accutane twice and many prescriptions before with no luck.

    It's worth mentioning I'm very strict. No veg oils, no wheat etc.
    Maybe the occasional beer once a week, but It's hard to believe that's the cause.

    I've noticed I get flares if I keep going high carb.
    I guess it's related to staying on high levels of insulin all the time, but I'm no expert.

    Thing is, I'm trying to gain weight and muscle

    I'm looking for advice, plus I've got a question for the fasting guys here. Did it help your acne? Was it 24h or IF?
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