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Thread: Carb Cravings

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    I usually do much better on the weekends because I'm either home or out and about with The Boyfriend, neither of which is conducive to eating crap.

    On the other hand, during the week, I'm out in the field, driving all over the county and using convenience store bathrooms, so the crap food is in my face constantly. That's when it's tough.

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    Why don't you just eat carbs? Jesus christ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpamix View Post
    Why don't you just eat carbs? Jesus christ
    lol. But yeah

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    Quote Originally Posted by patski View Post
    *looks at the OP's handle*

    *looks at her own website name*


    *glares just a little bit*
    Yes, interesting indeed!

    I recommend taking the Two Week Test or doing a Whole 30. Then decide if those weekend binges are worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalPat View Post
    My problem is that every Sunday/Monday I go through crazy carb withdrawal symptoms. I makes my life difficult -for two days every week, but I certainly won't stop eating out and enjoying more carbs on the week-ends!

    My question is: How do you handle carb cravings? Any tips to make the transition easier and faster?

    Has anyone tried the Cyclic Ketogenic Diet? If so how do you handle cravings?

    Thanks for your help!
    So you've said that the carbing up on the weekends makes your life difficult, but you're "certainly not planning to stop" doing it.

    That in mind, you want a quick and easy way to get through the carb cravings. I vote for fasting. I stay pretty LC most of the time but after a couple weeks, I start getting tired of looking at all the goodies and decide that I want a little bit of everything I don't typically eat. Throw in a 36-40hr fast after that, and drink a ton of water and tea. Then get back to business for a couple of weeks. That helps me manage to come back to earth; I bet it'd work for you, too. When you break your fast, just go back to your fats/meats/vegs and live there for a while. Just fast Sundays, you'll get back to normal real quick.

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